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A blog post series about streaming, where I play games and write open-source software, live 📺. Go follow me on Twitch to catch me live!

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This is a short post to say that I published an open-source project, which added Stream Deck support for OBS 28, including Qt 6, and native Apple Silicon (M1 / M2 processor) support. It’s since been archived because Elgato published their own. You can find the archived repository on GitHub ✨.

I’ve set up a YouTube Channel, and I’ll be posting Twitch streams to it as a way of archiving them! If you can’t catch the streams live, now you can enjoy them as a VoD instead 🎉. You can find the channel here:

Since writing the last blog post about streaming with my MacBook Pro, I’m very happy to say I’ve been accepted in to the Twitch Affiliate program, over at 🎉 That means there’s a new subscription button on the channel, and you can cheer with bits in the chat.

I’ve been having fun streaming games on Twitch this week, and thought it might be interesting to document my setup in late 2021. The last time I streamed was around 4 years ago, so I was interested to see what had changed in that time. You can follow and watch on Twitch: