Since writing the last blog post about streaming with my MacBook Pro, I’m very happy to say I’ve been accepted in to the Twitch Affiliate program, over at 🎉 That means there’s a new subscription button on the channel, and you can cheer with bits in the chat.

The hardest requirement to meet turned out to be the “average of 3 viewers”, but with some help from my partner and friends, and being diligent about tweeting every time I stream, I met the requirements fairly quickly. It helped that I streamed a bit a few years ago and already had ~30 followers as well.

I don’t have a concrete schedule planned, but I would generally like to stream a couple of times a week. So far I’ve streamed Spelunky and Minecraft, but I’d like to do a coding stream at some point too. If there’s something you’d be interested in seeing me play, or work on, I’d love to hear about it! Send me a message on Discord, Telegram, or Twitter (details are on the /about page).

Where I can, I’ve turned off advertising on the channel. I’m generally not a fan of adverts inserted in to videos, and if the channel makes any money, I’d much rather it be from direct support, like subscriptions, and cheering with bits. I’m trying to make a kind, relaxed little space on the internet, like ones that have helped me over the years. I hope my stream can be that for people too.

Thanks again for your help by following the channel and tuning in. If you’re enjoying the stream, it would mean a lot to me if you subscribe, or cheer with bits in the chat 🧡

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