I’ve set up a YouTube Channel, and I’ll be posting Twitch streams to it as a way of archiving them! If you can’t catch the streams live, now you can enjoy them as a VoD instead 🎉. You can find the channel here: https://www.lopcode.com/videos.

It’s slightly bizarre to have set a channel set up, but I watch and enjoy a fair amount of YouTube (as discussed in my previous post), and Twitch only keeps old stream videos for 14 days. I’m also really enjoying the focus that streaming gives me - I find myself sitting down and actually playing the games for a while, instead of getting distracted, or not starting at all.

To begin with, I’m going to hold all comments for moderator review and I’ll let some through when I get a chance to work through the backlog. Online video comments are often not very kind places, and I’m trying to protect my mental health a bit at the start. I’ll probably relax this policy eventually, but I’ll let you know.

Thanks again for everyone’s support so far. Please head on over to the YouTube channel and subscribe to get videos in your feed!

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